Analysing ‘Daft Punk’ by Pentatonix

Pentatonix, a five piece a cappella band, have been tearing up the charts recently, redefining a genre, which is often overlooked in the music industry. They have faced hurdles because of their genre throughout their career, but their goal remains consistent: “to break through the a cappella connotation that people have of it. We want to make it a mainstream thing.” (Hoying in Parker 2015) And through their adaptions on the genre as well as shows like NBC’s The Sing Off (2009), Fox’s Glee (2009), and movies such as Pitch Perfect (2012), it is clear a cappella is making a breakthrough to the masses. This essay will look at the unique sound of Pentatonix, through the analysis of their Medley Daft Punk (2013), focusing on the techniques they use to incorporate the musical styles of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) into their a cappella sounds.

The full essay can be found here: Analysing ‘Daft Punk’ by Pentatonix.

An overview and musical excerpts which compliment the essay, can be found on the following powerpoint:  Pentatonix Slides

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