CAGD390 · DIGC330

Olà meu amigos!

Hello, I’m Elysse.
20 years old, studying creative arts, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Music and Technical Theatre.  I love people, am obsessed with music, passionate about design and my hair changes colour every week.  If you want to know more about me then I have a convenient about page which can give you a better insight into my head.  Or if you’d prefer conversation instead of reading carefully curated information designed to portray a relatable persona, then feel free to hit me up @orangesarepinkk on twitter.

So a new blog, means a new thing to discuss. The intent of this blog is to reflect upon the subjects I’m undertaking in what is *supposed* to be my final semester of studying, and as such, you will find work which is related to my two practical subjects – CAGD390, involving a major work for Graphic Design; and DIGC330 – involving a few digital artefacts and research into the production and consumption of Asian digital media, looking specifically into a field of interest.

I believe that approaching DIGC330 in a way which analyses the way in which the Asian market operates through graphic design will provide useful research for my degree, while also being an interesting subject to explore.

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