CAGD390 · Graphic Design

Looking to the future: Overview of week 1

Introduction to the course throughout the semester.  How do we want our major project to display our design strengths, and how can this aid us in entering the design industry, or furthering our study with post-grad honours work.

What is my area of design strength?
I find that my strengths lie within branding, illustration, film, and music.  I enjoy creating an identity for a company which people can relate to, and I also have a talent when it comes to visual imagery, specifically illustrating in a vector graphical style.  I have experience with video editing, as I have been creating youtube videos since 2009, and have furthered this skill by creating major projects, both within high school and university which utilises this feature.  I also have a good ear for music, and I am able to compose pieces, which comes in handy when background music for films and other projects are needed.

Where do I want to position myself for 2016? (industry or postgraduate study?)
I am currently looking to continue study in 2016, however in the field of music,  After I complete my side studies in music, I will be looking to obtain a job within the industry, and as such I wish to create a major project which will help me to obtain a job in the graphic design field, whether that be in 2016, or a little bit later.

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