CAGD390 · Graphic Design

Week 2: #define #research #ideate

Exploring ideas for major projects, how it is relevant to the job we wish to obtain, and more!

#Define #Research #Ideate

As previously mentioned, I enjoy the ability to create identities.  I would love to enter the design industry within a job where i can work with people to communicate things to communities.  I love the idea of building communities and creating a connection, whether it be through a product, a game, or through other people.

  1. Through making ______
  2. I can address the problem of ______
  3. To steer me towards working in ______
  • Music collateral, ie. Album covers, Band advertisements, identity, websites, festival/concert promotional collateral etc.
  • Creating campaign identities through branding, looking at both physical branding and digital branding – social media, blogs, language just as important as the visual
  • Magazine advertisements for print
  • Packaging, looking at the creating a user experience, rather than selling the product
    • Design Issue
    • Design Context
    • How
    • Background Info
    • Project Form

The physicality of products is appreciated in Japan.  They care for the materiality of packaging and design, for example, you can buy a bento box, and they will wrap it up in tissue paper.
Japan also seems to be the one place where CD sales are trumping digital downloads, and rather than declining, they are remaining a steady income, with digital downloads declining, which creates an interesting audience.  Japan still has record stores selling CD’s which are multiple storeys high.  If I were to look at marketing music, then analysing it from a Japanese perspective seems like an interesting angle to approach it.

With packaging, it seems that product purchasing is becoming more orientated towards a digital market, where the information is available on the website, and as such doesn’t need to be provided on the outside of the box.  As such, the box becomes an artefact or product experience within itself.
Shelf ready packaging is another area of packaging which could be explored, which results in research of the context the product will be sold in.

The effect of social media could also influence the point of sale.  Instagram users snap pictures of products which are visually appealing, creating a form of advertisement in itself.  In early 2015, Australian brand, Bee Mead utilised their audience and their desire to Instagram, and as a result created a hashtag competition, giving out prizes for some of the more unique shots.  This is not an uncommon marketing approach, and it allows consumers to show off their products to their friends.

End of uni semester celebrations ft. #beemead and a good book 👌

A photo posted by Elysse (@orangesarepink) on Jun 16, 2015 at 4:32am PDT

The best project to create would be something which can generate results of positive change to show businesses.  If it’s social media orientated, then the increase in followers is a way to measure the success of the campaign.  Studios tend to be hired for rebranding when businesses are no longer generating a positive change/increase of sales, and as such, the job is to create something which will achieve that.  Hence why having past work which has generated positive change would be great for the portfolio.

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