Research into Online Duets and OPM Artists

The idea of creating duets in parts online is not exactly something new, and depending on the professionalism of those aiming to create the duo, you can get some stunning results.  That’s not to say I’m looking at those videos which have HQ graphics and a team of dancers in the back (although if there are some K-Pop online duets which bother to keep up with that standard of music video, that would be fantastic), I’m simply referring to how accurate some artists try to present themselves.  For example, I edit my track multiple times before creating a final mix, while others simple record, put the two parts together and let it be, something which has it’s own unique quality in itself.

When searching for internet duets, one of the most prominent results was this collaboration between Jessie J and Tom Bleasby for Flashlight.  What I find interesting about this duet is that Jessie J recorded her part and welcomed anyone who wanted to duet with her to create the other part.  This worked really well in this example because Jessie J often makes comments during the performance, offering the verbal prompts, while Tom Bleasby has responded to them in a confident manner, creating the illusion that they are doing it simultaneously instead of as separate tracks.

Similar approaches are taken by youtuber KoalaAlice with a random youtuber; Marco Buono with Geekella; and Triforcefilms with Malufenix, NoahLittleJohn, Mr Dooves and Maluka Mr Dooves.  Although I was looking for specifically vocal examples, there were plenty of others which utilised just instruments such as piano or guitar which were awesome!

Interesting to note is that most of the videos used the multiple image display, similar to what you see when you watch a youtube A Capella cover, showcasing ever collaborator.

It was interesting to note that artists weren’t the only one doing online musical collaborations, but they instead pulled from sources which already existed, creating a polyphonic piece through the two contrasting melodies, which still sounds like it works.  A great example for this is the Youtube Duet between Miles Davis and LCD Sound System’s New York, I love you but you’re bringing me down.  These two videos were put together by youtuber Alessandro Grespan who describes it as “No editing or other tricks, just 2 youtube videos played at the same time.” (Grespan, 2011)

After looking at how different artists approached collaborations, I wanted to look at some OPM music, and as mentioned in the previous post, Kari was kind enough to suggest a few artists which can be found below~ *Note: I tried to listen to at least two seperate songs by these artists for a fair judgement, and where possible, I chose the songs which didn’t utilise English.

Artist #1: Bamboo I honestly didn’t mind this artist however after listening to a couple of other songs by him, I found that they were quite slow and didn’t capture my attention.  I don’t think this is due to the language barrier, as I have a collection of MPB (Portuguese) music which I have purchased off itunes that interests me, despite the lack of lyrical understanding.

Artist #2: Yeng Constantino I’m getting the impression that OPM is pretty chill music, especially as compared to my own genre of choice which tends to be punk rock.  That being said, I thought this song had some really nice jazzy vibes, and could totally imagine a saxaphone improv over the top of it.

Artist #3: Daniel Padilla This vid starts off with a much more interesting opening compared to the other artists.  Perhaps it’s because it seems to have more of a Pop vibe, or even a chill pop/rock vibe like Savage Garden.  I definitely like this guy a lot more than the others!

Artist #4: Bayani Agbayani This was actually a specific song suggestion send through from taratams.  Honestly, it was ok, but I don’t think I’d listen to it again.  It reminded me of elevator music and summer waves, which confuses me a bit because those are really conflicting ideas which I have associated with it.

Artist #5: Manny Pacquiao This guy seems to be the Filipino equivelant of a WWE boxer who gets to do a musical promotion, or at leas that was my first impression when I first clicked the video.  The song vibe, although lining up with the slower paced style of OPM from my experience thus far, it seemed really odd as a boxing tribute song.  So of course, I had to research this one further.  Upon looking at the translations (found on SBNation HERE), It seems to be a pride song for the Phillipines, as indicated by “I’m a Pinoy.  We are Pinoy / I will fight the world with my life at stake. / I will fight for all Filipino” (Dator, 2015)  It was suggested that I also watch Jimmy Kimmel’s cover, which happened to also explain that the song was intended as a walk out piece which demonstrated the pride of his nation that he carried into the fight against Floyd Mayweather. His cover was later follwed up with a duet between the two of the song. (Below)

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 1.13.09 am

Artist #6: Eraserheads I saved these guys for last, because based on the suggestions Kari provided me with, the way she talked about this, kind of made me think that I would enjoy them, and I’m glad I did.  They seem to be the figurehead OPM band for rock.  I got a lot of Beatles Vibes from listening to them, which made it even better.  In saying that though, I found that their later music seemed to be more of a reflection of my own music taste, as it seemed to evolve into a more punk rocky sound.

EDIT: 25th September
When talking to Kari about my thoughts re: OPM, she said that it tends to be divided between Indie music or bubblegum pop, with a very small rock scene (which Eraserheads happens to fall under).  Considering my relationship with indie music tends to be along the lines of It’s ok in small doses, I’m not surprised by a lot of my observations.  Also, I found that Kari prefers the Indie music to the bubblegum pop, and as such most of the suggested artists were of the indie genre style. (Kariann, 2015, pers. comm., 25 September)

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