Daily Creative

My creative mind: leading me towards a new year of adventure.

2015 has been a wonderful year.  I’ve learnt so much, met many new faces who have proven to have great impacts upon my life, and much more.  I love the new year, as it makes way for a new time ahead, even if it hardly changes, day to day.  With the close of 2015 however, it marks the end of my Graphic Design subjects at university.

Studying for a Bachelor of Creative Arts; majoring in Graphic Design, I could graduate this year, however I have chosen not to, and that in itself is a daunting decision.  I may not have realised how unusual it is to continue with other subjects after finishing the entirety of required subjects given to me, however after explaining it a million times over the Christmas period to friends, family, and everyone in between, it is obvious that I have taken a path which is not considered normal; and I’m ok with that.  Bring on my 4th year of undergraduate study!

I have never been much of one for New Years Resolutions.  When people asked me what mine was, I was often the person to throw out the joke that my resolution was to not make one.  However with the close of my design subjects as a core part of my university life during 2016, I wanted to ensure that I kept that creative side of me alight.  While I’m still not much of a fan of New Years Resolutions, I recognise that my biggest issue with them is the accountability which comes with saying them out loud; never the less; I am hoping to move past that this year with my plan to do something creative every day.  I did start on the 29th of December (punctuality with the New Year seems like such a silly idea when you are ready to start straight away!), and each day I plan to create something. It could be a poem, a graphic, a sculpture, a video, a song.  So long as it is created during that day.

Here’s to a New Year. May creativity follow my path as I run towards a new adventure.

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