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So it seems I’ve been in a manga styled sketching mood as of late – I’ve always liked the complicated simplicity in these images, and perhaps it is the fact that Instagram keeps suggesting images which are in this style, that todays product ended up a hybrid of my chibi style I’ve self-taught through Adobe Illustrator, and my attempt at emulating a manga cartoon style.


As much as I would LOVE to own a set of Copic markers, they are too expensive, so I settled for my handy medium of choice when it comes to colouring in my sketches: watercolour paint; WITH GLITTER!!! (Because let’s face it, that makes it 100% better!)

This image was based off a look my character on Habbo wears from time to time, but I was trying to work with minimal lines and colours, while also emulating the manga style shading with watercolour; to the best of my ability.

Instagram: orangesarepink | Twitter: orangesarepinkk

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