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Chibi Galore

So I wanted to do some more playing around with my new markers, and as such I drew a bunch of cute lil chibis – some full bodies, some just faces, bc why not right???

The first image, at least in my mind, depicts a fairy child king, has responsibility on his shoulders, but is still happy to take some time to be a kid, or rather, a mischievous sprite.  I mean, can you imagine a fairy king who goes around playing silly little practical jokes on the people in his kingdom, and then everyone makes a huge deal out of it (like in a nice way, a good response to a joke sort of thing), because they know he’s an innocent lil kid, who has a tough time running their valley, but he does a good job, and loves to have some fun with everyone else there.

The second image was a drawing of my internet friend, Matt – or at least his online game character.

Anywho; here are a few of the best ones I’ve done today 😀



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