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When the Sales are Fab, who can resist?


Today I visited Riot (Australian Arts/Craft store), with the intention of buying cheap graphic markers for manga/anime purposes.  I walked away with about $130 worth of much higher quality markers than what I was originally intending to buy… But when they say “Oh, you are spending $40? Grab another $40 worth of stock on the house for New Years!” How can you say no??

Moral of the story, don’t go shopping on your work break.  You will spend all the money you earn in that day – or at least that’s how it works for me.

Today’s arty project was me messing around with these new products(or at least the first lot I bought, because I did go back for more) during my work break.  I’m definitely looking forward to playing around with them a bit more!

**ALSO FROM TODAY: Further experimentation with Chibis, a bit more refined than what I drew while eating my lunch hahahah.


Enjoy xx

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