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On the lookout for Mermaids

So I discovered today that my little cousin, Sophia is obsessed with the Little Mermaid – and let me tell you, that is fabulous, because I too am obsessed with the Little Mermaid.  It meant that when she told me that my black bikini cozzies meant I was Ursula the sea witch, leaving her as Ariel, I could sing the songs she has – namely Poor Unfortunate Souls, and the bit which is a bunch of latin before she takes Ariels voice.  Basically, long story short, the trip to the pool today was definitely not a waste.  Furthermore, it inspired todays artwork.


When I was outlining this, I was unsure as to whether or not to even add colour as it was so fabulous in its simplicity.  In the end though, I couldn’t resist a chance to work with my new markers again, and as such, colour was added.

I’d love to do some more work with mermaid art over the coming weeks, but we’ll see where my daily creative challenge leads me!



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