Daily Creative

Gotta HAND it to artists: Hands are hard to draw.

I’ve been looking into cartoony vector illustration style over the last few days because I love vector illustration, and the different approaches people take fascinate me. While I personally tend to opt for a chibi style approach, there are a lot of other styles out there.

As such, I started working on a vector hand today – or at least one finger of it before I remembered how difficult it is to work with a laptop trackpad.  I think I’ll come back to that vector illustration later.

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 1.29.45 am

Anyway, I was going to draw something different, but ended up sketching out a hand anyway, because clearly it was on my mind.  Perhaps I should do some more work on hands in the future, because I sure as heck know my approach to hands needs to be improved.


My cousin, Sophia saw me drawing and wanted to join in on the fun, and so I have some art by her for today also. (It’s a picture of me talking about how much fun I’ve had with her while over here.)


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