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Bedtime Bory: The Sedna Wanderer (part 1)

One of the constant requests during this trip to Perth has been the creation of ‘Bedtime Bories’ – which is their version of bedtime stories suitable for any time of the day (especially when they aren’t wanting to go to sleep any time soon).  I promised them a mermaid story, and here are the beginnings of the adventure.



Once upon a time, there was a mermaid.  This mermaid, Araxie, was a wanderer – although she belonged to the clan of Sedna, she traveled beyond her realm in pursuit of treasures from other sands.  Now her treasures weren’t necessarily what all the mer-folk believed to be something worth collecting – they were found treasures, often without any currency based value, however, they each had their own special air about them, an aura even, which attracted the beautiful Araxie towards these items.  Each of the pieces Araxie collected from these sands, represented a new adventure, and a life beyond the clan of Sedna, however she would always return to her home, allowing her new treasure to be added to her gallery and attract visitors who wished to hear the stories they contained.

As Araxie travelled through the oceans, collecting treasures and stories, she met a range of interesting folk.  Oftentimes these mer became a part of her adventurous stories of travels to faraway realms, however they too would show interest in Araxie’s adventurous antics.  She used this interest to trade stories for supplies as she passed from sea to sea, and with this, her reputation as the Sedna Wanderer grew.  They all recognised her status as a member of the Senda clan, but gleefully delighted with Araxie as she moved beyond her pod in search for new experiences, something which most mermaids only ever dreamed about.  As her reputation built, mer-folk who aspired to have the courage to venture away from their clans started to migrate towards the Senda clan region, in search of the wisdom and courage Araxie possessed.  They believed that she and her treasures held the answers for new beginnings and adventure which they all craved.

When Araxie had returned home from her latest adventure, she found a small group of mer-folk waiting outside her gallery.  Some of the younger ones could be seen peering in the alcoves, trying to view the collected treasures without violating the boundaries of respect held amongst the mer, while some of them had forgone their strict instruction to wait until Araxie’s return, and entered the space anyway, swimming a few feet from some of the pieces.  When hearing of Araxie’s return however, they were quick to escape the space, trying to hide their joyous, yet guilty grins.

The wandering mermaid did not mind the guests, nor their intrusion into her cave collection, so long as they did not cause any damage to her items she had lovingly carried across the currents.  She often invited them in to allow them to rest on their own journey, entertaining them with tales about each of her collection – what had drawn her to the object, who she had met along the way, the distance she had travelled to return it back to the Sedna region, and so on.

As time wore on, Sedna, the reigning mermaid of the region grew jealous.  She didn’t like that a mermaid who ventured away from her region so often, could obtain such popularity within the mer-folk society, without following the ancient traditions which would keep her close to her tribe sands.  Sedna had often dreamed of exploring far off regions too, however as a royal, she had been brought up with the ancient traditions, and being told that it was her responsibility to stay within the sands which would one day become her land, and so she did.


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