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Adventure Awaits Us All…

So today, I created a proposal on how to encourage cohesiveness within a team, in order to revive a team which is rather inactive and could use with some extra team spirit sparkle; and I thought I was set for todays creative project, but then I realised that I wanted to have something to show for it, and a word document outlining problems with a team and possible solutions which needed to be signed off by the heads of departments was not the right thing.

As such, I have a photograph of photographs (ooo photo-ception) and an inspirational poem to go with it.


Adventure awaits us all…
Our separation comes when we seize the opportunity and they don’t.
This day awaits us all…

The photographs are either taken by me, or of me, and are images from a few of my own personal adventures.  The poem was inspired by the photographs, which i have been printing in preparation for my 21st (HECK YES, POLAROID WALL HERE I COME!).  I must say, arranging 600 or so polaroid prints on a wall will be a creative project in itself.

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