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ELYSSE IS TURNING 21: Thank You Cards

While I was in Perth, my family over there held a little shin-dig for my 21st as they would be unable to attend the one I’m having back at home.  The party was fabulous, but I realised that thank you cards for gifts were definitely needed!

So as such, today’s project has been to make some thank you cards!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 2.23.56 am

I will update this article (hopefully) tomorrow with some prints to showcase what the design looks like in a physical form!


Sticking with the branding I have already been using (see here), I wanted to incorporate a small little card which had a printed message for all, while also including space for me to write a personalise message.

6tag_231115-01134421 facebook cover photo

The top half is the front of the card, with the printed message, with both sincerity and a little cheekiness included (I mean who doesn’t like taking trips around the sun??) While the bottom half shows the back which leaves room for a personalised, hand written message to thank people for their gifts amongst other comments.

I chose to make the size of the card 100x70mm this time, as it allowed me to comfortably fit 8 cards to a page – maybe this time I won’t get so much RSI from slicing them up with a scalpel.  I also chose to leave out the”Elysse is turning” slogan, as by the time these cards are delivered, I will already be 21.

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