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Elemental Tension


The sky cries out in agony;
Lashing out in hot, angry, bursts.
Her tears all and houses surrender to night as she lays claim over the realm.

A short piece of poetry which was circling through my mind as I drove home from work.  Sydney has been experiencing a slew of storms recently, often resulting in blackouts, as well as spectacular displays of lightning and giving everyone a clear idea of just how insane rain can be, going from heavy, driving pelts which almost seem to be falling horizontally one minute, to parted clouds the next.

God is amazing and powerful, and these storms just seem to reflect His awe so well, and yet we can only see part of His power.  I sort of think of this storm outlined in the poem as one of His servants, there to help rejuvenate the Earth, while also displaying the amazing, awesome power of the Lord.

Post written on the 31st of January for creative project completed on the 30th of January.

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