Daily Creative


I have a friend on Facebook who has no eyebrows.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that in my opinion, but this is of importance for this days creative project because I admire the way she paints on her eyebrows in her own unique style.  I have in the past considered what it would be like to do the same thing (that is get rid of my own eyebrows in favour of painting some on), however I’m much too lazy to do that on a daily basis.  So instead, I just played around with patterns above my existing eyebrows.  As much as I love the style, I don’t know *how* well it goes with existing eyebrows, but hey, maybe that’s what I’ll wear to my next fancy dress party.

The main area of the eyebrow was painted on using watercolour paint – it didn’t need to be long lasting because I wasn’t going anywhere, and it made for easy removal.  I reckon you could probably get away with this if you were going out though, with the help of some hair spray and/or setting powder.  The dots were done using glitter paint.

The style, particularly above this read more line, really reminds me of the way I depicted the ‘Specials’ in Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies series to be like.  It creates a sense of intimidation (see right image) with the over arching curve of the natural line.  But then again, perhaps it was the lighting.


*PLEASE NOTE* I know the existing eyebrows look shit in comparison.  I really wasn’t focusing on them.


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