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Come on, Get Savvy


So the place I work has been promoting an art competition to design a ‘notebook cover’.  With my daily creative challenges, I thought “Great! This will be perfect! I can create a bunch of designs over a range of days and submit the best ones!”  The reality however is that more often than not, I did not feel like creating art that had the potential to be commercialised over then last 2 weeks or so, however as the deadline got closer, I realised that if I hadn’t attempted an entry, I would have regretted it.

Now my original thought was to utilise lyrics from a song I’d written in the past, to accompany the image I started lazily painting.  Unfortunately, I quickly realised the fatal problem in that plan: Most of my music consists of poetry, in the sense that one line by itself is meaningless, but united as a stanza, it creates a sense of meaning.  Furthermore, I quickly remembered after listening to my music again, that the lyrics were not the ‘uplifting and inspirational’ type of quotable.

As such , I started brainstorming simple ideas about growth, life, living and how we interact with it.   For a fair amount of time, I was toying with the idea of the quote “Life Breeds Passion”.  I had a few other ideas toying through my mind, however none of them stood out enough to write it down.  Although I felt that this was true, I also didn’t feel that it was something which was super ‘savvy’ and inspirational.  So I kept dotting away, and contemplating life.  Life breeds passion because life is full of the potential to learn.  Life presents us with opportunity to do many, amazing things, but whether we choose to take that path is us.  And as such, we need to “pursue the daily adventure of life”.

All in all, indie/10 would paint something similar to this style again.

Notebook Comp1_BW (1) (1)

(also obviously assume that the background is a stark white colour and not the shitty grey colour that got photographed)

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