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DIY: Cranes in a Vase

Today’s project aim was to do something with the vast number of bloody paper cranes sitting around my room.  For those who are not aware, I took on a project for a University project which involved folding many paper cranes and mapping the progress in a digital manner (You can have a look at some of the beauties that were made here:  Needless to say, I now have an excess of paper cranes which are hanging around my house doing nothing.  So I decided to have a go at using them to create an interesting floral arrangement.



  • Curly Willow Branches
  • Plenty of Square Paper
  • A Vase

Now, since I work at the Reject Shop, I acquired most of my stuff from there/I know we definitely sell all the products you need to make this.

The Curly Willow Branches should also be found at any home decorating style store.  Personally I don’t see the appeal to this ‘minimalist trend’, but hey, what works, works.  Mine was silver and lifted from someones council cleanup stash (rubbish collection pile for people who are still confused by that statement).

The paper used there is a mix of styles from a few locations, but the majority of it originated from the Reject Shop’s craft section.  They have some really nice paper patterns of you wanted to check it out.  I tended to get the more expensive booklets with were aesthetically more pleasing, but amounted to less sheets per dollar. Whatever you use is your call, just make sure they are SQUARE.

The vaseI’m using is from the Reject Shop, and has been sitting empty in our living room for quite some time.  I wanted to do something about that to make it fill the room a little bit more.  If you are gonna head on over to the Reject Shop to pick up the same model, they should be $8 (discounted from the original $12), but they are NOT getting any more in stock, so if your local store is out, then I’m sorry guys, but you will have to settle for a different vase.


  1. First of all, you need to know how to make a paper crane.  If you already are sweet on the art of origami, then no worries!  You will have this step covered.  If not though, my mate Kay has made a lovely tutorial available for people just like you!
  1. So if you are still confused, either watch that video again, or google the internet for another tutorial.  Cranes shouldn’t be too difficult.~
  2. The next step is to cut your willow sticks to an appropriate size.  my vase was about 30cm tall, so I cut my sticks to lengths varying from 40-70cm.  I did not measure them out each time. I just eyeballed it and went YOLO using pliers to cut the branches.  If your branches are more sturdy, you may need a different tool to cut them, so just be aware of that.
  3. Now that you have your pile of short willow sticks, you can add your cranes! Start by placing one crane on top of each stick, using the small gap that can be found at the centre base of your cranes.  If your vase still doesn’t look full enough, you can cut a hole in the centre top of the crane’s back and slide it down the stick, replacing it with another crane on top.  I personally never put more than 3 cranes on a stick, but if you want it to be chokkas then put on as many as you desire!!

If you followed these fairly simple steps, then you should have something which looks similar to my lovely vase of cranes – your guests will be craning to see what it is and how you did it!! (Please accept my pun).  Good luck and Happy Home Deco-ing!!


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