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Discussion on Personal Branding

*This is a continued conversation from the discussion about Online Branding* Branding doesn’t necessarily have to relate only to corporate identities, meaning it can apply to personal identities as well.  Each of us are a part of our connected, digital age, partaking in different forms of social media, creating an online presence documenting what we… Continue reading Discussion on Personal Branding

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Online Branding and Power: Who has control over the presence?

Originally posted on Future Cultures:
So in my last post, I set up my ideas of branding, and started to explore how the concept related to cyberculture.  That post was a great foundation leading into the next leg of research: a series of questions about how these brands interact with users, and what the future could also hold. Cybercultures allows…

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Tilba Fair // Outsourcing Instagram Photography.

The Instagram Husband: The concept that behind every cute girl on Instagram, is a poor guy who has been co-erced into taking millions of photos for them.  I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I take most of my own Instagram pictures, but on the rare occasion, I turn to someone… Continue reading Tilba Fair // Outsourcing Instagram Photography.

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A Pixelated Haze: always on connectivity

This video explores the relationship we have with our mobile phones, looking at the ‘always on connectivity’ we interact with, in an extreme day in the life  scenario.  I have included a transcript of the voiceover below for two reasons: The first is so that you can choose to read along if you wish, and the… Continue reading A Pixelated Haze: always on connectivity

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Music Sampling and Copyright

This Soundcloud podcast looks at copyright law in relation to music, and song sampling, giving a brief overview on how it is approached in our current society.  Copyright is intended as a system which protects the original works of creators, and is designed to incentivise creation, however the system as it stands creates a group of… Continue reading Music Sampling and Copyright