Daily Creative

New WordPress Theme~

So I was initially planning on mucking around on the piano today for a creative project, but it turns out WordPress is a rabbit hole, of which once you venture down the route of customisation, you can get lost for hours.  Or at least that was the case for me.

In case you have not quite figured it out yet, I have updated my theme for this blog.  The underlying reason is to get it ‘uni ready’, that is to say, I’m taking a number of subjects this semester (and probably next semester as well), where blogging is a part of the subject and as such, I believe that the right thing to do is make that specific content easily accessible to lecturers (hence the title bar with three links *so far* – About, Daily Creative, BCM112).  So if you are here only to see my daily creative posts, you can still do that, just go to that sorted category (using the top link just to make life super easy for you!).

“Now Elysse, what happens after you finish your subjects, will your theme change back?” What a great question my friend! However the answer to that is, I’m not sure.  This theme, aesthetically, suits my branding style (for the moment), so I’m not too fussed by it, and the few reservations I currently have with it can be solved by typing more in my posts (yep, that’s right.  No more pictures without an explanation); and my issue is only a user interaction with the UI issue (It’s a shame I can’t turn off my designer mind sometimes…), but on the bright side, you will almost always have a preview of the post with the lovely header image above each article.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you have any other theme suggestions which you think would work~

Just to clarify, my old theme was Minnow, and my current theme is Buttons. I personally don’t understand why they are called that, but hey. At least I’ll remember the theme names now if I ever want to switch around and change back or something.


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