Daily Creative · Poetry

Strip away distractions.

So I was really not sure of what to do today, and at the same time, I was marathoning a show on Netflix.  Let me tell you, when you have the choice between not thinking (ie. watching TV mindlessly), or tackling a creative piece; it is very easy to take the easy way out. The start of this poem speaks directly to the fact that sometimes you need to put down the things which you are drawn to instead of the commitments you need to follow through on.


Strip away distractions;
Cut away the fears.
Left with simple action,
March on to wiser years.

The world that’s all around us,
Can trap our hearts and mind;
But we must learn to look beyond –
Towards values most matter to our kind.

To move beyond material things,
And bring together thoughts and feelings.
Slice into the heart of meaning,
Into true belief.

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