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Poetry via Voice Recognition

Below is the result of what happens when you try to create poetry for voice recognition. Before you get into this though, imaging yourself having to make a decision to do something huge in your life. Your choice will affect every single other choice you make from here on out.  Your decisions is the final one, and once made it cannot be changed.  The problem of course is, that you are asking your friendly neighbourhood phone for help.

 The first paragraph is the original.  Every paragraph after that is the voice recognitions ‘translation’ of the paragraph that lies beforehand.

Step aside.
You know there’s a place, but is it here?
Stow your pride,
Do you want to become someone you barely even knew?
Standing at a crossroads,
Decisions all around.
Ignore all the pressure till you’ve found~
A piece of yourself.

Stop song,
Do you know there’s a place for rent.
Stoya pratul
to become someone you love me.
Sing croeso
Position of around here to go
To Peugot to have you found.
I love you so.

Stop song pupil,
There’s a place.
Do I have
To show me to pick up some will
Do you live?
Sucra so cool so shut up around 2 tickled.
You have found
Love you sooo.

Stop some people
There’s a way I have to show
Me to pick
Up uncle. Circle social YouTube
I love you.

Stop some people
That I have to show me a joke.
Circle social club.

Set some people
Have to show me a joke
Circle social club.

Satsuki but
I have to show me YouTube.
Circle social Cup.

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