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A Hair Dying Saga: creative solutions for when your bleach goes wrong.

So as you all probably know by now, I have, and pride myself in, my coloured hair.  90% of the time, the status of my hair is directly related to my technique and skill of doing the work myself.  Normally that other 10% of the time comes from when I decide to take a trip to the hair dressers for a cut and bleach (usually about once a year if not less).  Anywho, today I wake up and decide that my hair could totally go lighter, thinking, quite naively, that I would be able to rock blonde.  Now I’ve never been blonde before, and it is still a colour I would like to cross off my bucket list, but before you get too invested in the idea of pics containing a blonde me, I must warn you: my hair is not blonde after this saga.

Anywho, so I wake up, and decide I want to bleach my hair.  I have a packet of bleach sitting next to my bed, and it has been there for quite some time, but despite this, I’ve never actually bleached my own hair.  Every time I’ve gone to do so, I’ve been too worried that something would go wrong.  I LOVE my hair, it is a feature I am very proud of, and the last thing I want to do is go and ruin it (and we’ve all heard so many stories about how bleach will do just that, hence why I normally go to a hairdressers to get bleached hair for a ‘fresh canvas’ to place colour upon.) Despite this, I set out and start to get all the things I will need ready.  The problem is, my pack of bleach, is san-instructions.  So after some brief googling to see how long to leave it in for (because that’s the biggest concern in my opinion), I set off to bleach my hair.

A recent photograph of me, before the bleach of today.

What I didn’t account for is the fact that already dyed hair takes longer to strip than my naturally grown, un-recoloured roots.  Needless to say, my hair definitely lightens, but at varying rates, or rather to varying results, because 90% of it was noticeably lighter than when I started, however the parts of my hair which took it best were my dark brown roots, and the ends of my hair.  The middle was somewhere between faded pastel colours and darker shades ranging between blue, green and purple.

The following images are what I did to try and rectify this situation (because no one wants blonde roots and weird colours coming out of that).  Dark green up top, to blend with the green tones which seemed to sit mostly on the top layer of hair. This turned out incredibly bright, because low and behold: I had a blank canvas. Dark purple under the top layer, to blend with the purple tones which had shown up.  This turned out quite dark because I had 1. underestimated how deep that colour is and 2. those areas of my hair didn’t take to the bleach as well. And some pastel purple (aka that dark purple mixed with hair conditioner) scattered throughout the middle length area of the hair, down.

I’m actually quite happy with the final result, especially considering the (dumb) mistakes I made.  At some point I wouldn’t mind going all white blonde to see how I can carry it (kind of like the  colour my hair ends are looking at now).

Guess my ‘man bun’ hairstyle is gonna have to go on hold until the top two levels fade a bit…
Dat Blonde
Green/Purple relationship isn’t *quite* as striking here.


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