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Ambient Sound

Composed to back a short podcast for my cybercultures class – DIGC335.

I wanted something simple which I could easily talk over, which didn’t push the need for fast talking, but allowed a slow and relaxed pace.  The piece was composed in garageband (using a MIDI keyboard to communicate to the program), experimenting with a variety of synth effects, in a pentatonic scale.  The result is a rather ambient, pleasant backing which leaves room for what is being said above it.

The track has been placed under a creative commons licence, feel free to download and utilise yourself, as long as you throw some credit my way you can do whatever you want! (If you alter it, I’d love to hear what it turns into, send me a message!!)

If you want to find out more about my cybercultures research, you can find the post here.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll be looking into the way cybercultures has impacted branding, particularly how it has opened up the opportunity for conversation through social media between the brand and consumer.

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