#BCM112: Digital Artefact Idea

I want to do something which incorporates my passion for music with the evolving digital technologies.  Just some context to myself as a musician before I launch into my ideas; I’m a singer and pianist.

A Cappella arrangements on a weekly basis was my first idea towards the digital artefact, utilising the multiple screens per part approach, however I also want the ability to be able to collaborate, whether it is a conscious collaboration with a focus on the process like the online duets I created last year,  or a collaboration which utilises footage from another person (perhaps footage from students recorded around uni), and is built upon after, creating a collaboration which was not necessarily intended through the creation of the first video.

I’m looking towards creating something which is closer to the collaboration featured on Triforcefilm’s Youtube Channel, for DragonBorn Comes.  These videos existed as separate entities, yet work together to create this remix of the original content. Although I’m not looking to source videos from YouTube, I want to carry the idea that the collaboration has evolved through the process of adding a new element each time.

Needless to say, I’m looking for musicians who are interested in working on a digital artefact – if I can’t find anyone, I may very well seek out people external to BCM112.  We won’t need to meet up to record ‘together’, but will be able to work on the project from the comfort of your own home, so long as you have a recording device which can pick up sound/audio (preferably not shit audio, but I’ve worked with some pretty dodgy audio recordings from external parties before).

If you’re not a musician, but still think you can bring something to this collaboration table, hit me up!

Twitter: @orangesarepinkk
Previous examples of internet collaboration: 1 (vocal collab) | 2 (vocal collab) | 3 (music design and video remix) | 4 (‘singalong’ collaboration)


P.S. We will almost definitely be ignoring copyright unless ya’ll want to create some mad original tunes in an additive, collaborative experience, which I’d totally be down for!

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