Socialising Through Gameplay

Game Cultures

I have never considered myself a super ‘hardcore’ gamer.  Yes, I like games, yes, I play games on a regular (probably too often) basis, yes, I’m super competitive, but in comparison to my mates, I felt like I wasn’t hardcore, simply because I didn’t experience as many games as them, but rather stuck to a select few which I enjoyed.

If I had to break down the genres of games I often choose to play it would probably fall into one of the following categories:

  • Social, ‘real life’ strategy based games:Risk, Monopoly, Classic Card Games (ie. Hearts, Canasta, Bridge, King Mao, etc.)
  • Online, community based games, often with the option to customise the play, beyond the original game structure:Habbo, Lasuni, Minecraft, RuneScape, Hero Zero
  • Storyline Adventure games with Multiplayer options: Basically, all the Pokémon games.

The main point I’m attempting to…

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One thought on “Socialising Through Gameplay

  1. I like how you began your post. My opinion towards the term ‘Hard core Gamers’ does not entirely mean that you need to play a video game for a whole day to be classified as one. Plus you need to contribute if you play games on your phone, board games or even consoles and computers. I believe we can all be classified as ‘hardcore gamers’ if we play more than the average 10 hours a week. I think your blog post is a good start to looking at what games you like and what you might like others to be intrigued with for your game in the end.

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