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Tilba Fair // Outsourcing Instagram Photography.

The Instagram Husband: The concept that behind every cute girl on Instagram, is a poor guy who has been co-erced into taking millions of photos for them.  I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I take most of my own Instagram pictures, but on the rare occasion, I turn to someone else to take the picture for me.  This was the case on Saturday as I was walking back to the car from Tilba Fair.

The paddock where you park for this festival is definitely a picturesque location, and as my sister wandered off with my Mum in trail, I started to form my own idea of an Instagram worthy aesthetically pleasing photo.  The only problem was that I needed someone else to take it for me.  Credit goes to my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel, who said yes when I asked him, even if it did sound like an odd request: “Can you take a photo of me walking away from you with the mountain in the background? […] It’s for Instagram.  Trust me.”


While I was happy with how the image matched up with my creative direction (only after about 5 photographs too, I’m not so cruel as to demand 500 pics), I don’t quite understand how people can give up the control of their presence so easily, unless it is built around the idea of other people taking photographs of them, and they are not so much the creator of these images but the director and curator.  Personally, I will probably stick to the selfie pics because ultimately, I like to be the one who has the control and avoids being a burden upon others when their results don’t match up with my vision.


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