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Playtest #2



So these little posts seem to be an account for what I find has been an issue when playing the game.  Today’s biggest problem was the fact that we both started without characters, and thus no skills; only to find that some skills are unobtainable currently.  This realisation has triggered the very clear need for a database to be created so I can keep track of each card, each skill, and what they can in turn give the players.

Although I haven’t had the chance to implement tiered skills as of yet, I did experiment with the idea of building up towards a skill.  As it was just myself and Bernice playing, we implemented a rule where in order to obtain a skill, you had to complete 3 cards which offer it as the reward, before becoming good enough to utilise it for other playing cards.  This system could work really well with tiers as a way to ensure you did more than just complete two cards for a second tier (one for each tier).


I also experimented with smaller payment systems, so it would be harder to build up a large amount of currency, thus making it more difficult to ‘live’.  I removed all currency rewards from freelance cards, meaning that in order to obtain currency, players would need to work part time jobs, thus sacrificing extra freelance cards.

I’m not sure how I feel about the ratio of picked up cards and played cards per go.  As the game progresses and you have large amounts of cards on field, you have to discard cards as you g, however this means you often get stuck with a number of cards you can’t utilise at the start of the game.  Perhaps a system of pickup 3, play max of 2 and discard to ensure 5 cards are in the hand would be a better solution.

The birth of plagiarism.  In the first playtest, one of the group members suggested that a plagiarism card would be useful, in order to steal exposure from another player.  This idea was interesting, however it lead to an argument of whether other players should be allowed to steal exposure (with a lot of theory about how bad exposure is still exposure, and how exposure doesn’t reflect the reputation).  Anywh0, we wrote it on a card and never used it before that night ended.  In this playtest however, we utilised the plagiarism card as something which enabled you to steal someone elses job, this way, the exposure from that card goes to you, without stealing exposure from someones already established pile.  The stealer also obtains the skills that are on offer on the card, so perhaps that element needs rethinking, or can be adjusted for use in another card which effects other players.

One of the other ideas which was bouncing about during this playtest was whether or not expansion packs would be useful.  This would mean that for my assignment I could create the game with a clear graphic design focus, then in the future, I could add on other freelance elements, ranging from musicians, to actors, to writers and so on so forth.


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