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#BCM112 DA: Minor Improvisation

A call out for collaborators! My digital artefact youtube has launched (with brand identity in the works because my organisation of time doesn’t seem to be great lately): I am looking for people who can sing; play an instrument; edit videos and so on in order to add something to the footage I or others upload in response~

Replay; Respond; Remix.

The aim of this Digital artefact is to get people to watch the videos, record a response, and then upload that single video to youtube so I can remix the different videos together!

If you are interested/want to ask more questions; leave a comment or send me a tweet @orangesarepinkk

The second video on the channel is below (just an open improvisation which would be great for lyrical vocalists to improv over), and there is plenty more content coming the the following weeks!

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