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Revolution of glitches

Glitch art in our current day and age is essentially a visual aesthetic.  It has evolved from the past, drawing upon dead media technologies where errors would often take a visual form.  I raise that this glitch aesthetic is drawing upon dead media technologies mostly because the technologies of our current day and age exist in a binary of working or not working; with no-in between to indicate it might be faulty.

As a designer, the aesthetics of a piece is something which naturally appeals to me and my craft (whether it’s creating glitch art or designing interactive digital dresses), and utilising programs and their flaws to create new and interesting pieces is an interesting methodology to undertake.  After further research, something which I found quite interesting was Daniel Temkin’s approach to the art: “Yes, some glitch artists are actually exploiting bugs to get their results — but for most it would be more accurate to describe these methods as introducing noisy data to functional algorithms or applying these algorithms in unconventional ways.” (2014)  This mix between maths and art is something which isn’t really thought of much by the audience, but it creates a beautiful mix of practices that are often separately viewed at opposite ends of the spectrum.  Glitch art takes these two mediums and creates a new outcome allowing people to experience the ‘accidental’ aesthetic which has often been curated specifically through different mathematical thought or through the execution of flaws in programs.

My experimentation with glitch art builds upon a piece I originally created for the UOW exhibition: Nothing To See Here.  This exhibition played on the idea of static, and while my 3 screen video installation was playing more towards the conceptual side of static, I believe that my simple glitch art video expands this concept further, expanding upon my editing techniques of overlay, screening of scenes, cuts between imagery, and pushing it to a new ‘glitchy’ height.  Highlights are below (2mins), and the full 5 minute glitched video can be found here.  Also a few 10 second test clips to experiment with different effects in audactiy can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Revolution of glitches

  1. This greatly increased my understanding on Glitch Art so thank you very, VERY much! The way you emphasised and explained the implications of this new art on society was also quite informative and interesting, how art and technology is revolutionising new age works. Thank you also for your examples of your own glitch art as they were extremely beautiful and well made in my opinion. Good job!

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  2. Glitch art is epic! I’ve recently rekindled my love for videography and really wanted to buy a VCR/VHS camcorder. JUST TO GET SOME GLITCHY STUFF HAPPENING!!! But seeing this, I’m honestly going to research ways to just tinker with my footage to get epic glitch results!!

    Best quote?
    “…some glitch artists are actually exploiting bugs to get their results — but for most it would be more accurate to describe these methods as introducing noisy data to functional algorithms or applying these algorithms in unconventional ways.”

    Also, I’d just like to thank you for revealing the existence of an analog type craft of ‘glitch art’ in the digital spectrum!

    Have you ever thought about using LUTs for your video footage? LUTs are like preset filters that we see on Instagram and Adobe Photoshop but are applicable to video footage as an easy alternative for color correction. LUTs are available all over the Internet for free! And they’re easy to use… You just need Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro… (P.S. This is not spam)

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    1. omg the comment at the end (re spam). Love it.
      Yeah, LUTs are a great addition to the editing process. I currently utilise an older version of Final Cut (can’t afford to upgrade currently, but I’m getting to that stage where my patience is running thin with the usability of the program, so we’ll see how long that lasts).
      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you make something, let us know!!


  3. Incredible example of glitch art that was so fun and yet strange to watch. I feel what couldve been a cute video of someone having fun and visiting the beach maybe even a vlog turned into something quite eerie because of the glitching. Often in art mistakes and accidents can make something very cool happen, Ive felt that incorporating my mistakes in drawings into the end product can give even more ideas fueling this cycle of mistakes turning into art. I feel like that relates to this even though this is more digital. Reminds me of something I saw last year where a woman used a program to create knitting patterns and they often glitched until they spiraled into craziness. Can’t remember who it was though but great post! -Ash

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