BCM112 · DIGC335 · Digital Media


Brands are essentially a universe of their own.  They tell a story, they deliver an idea, all with the intent for you to listen to them, to engage with them, to buy their products, or subscribe to their service.  My prezi explores how transmedia can be utilised within branding strategies, looking at case studies of Melbourne Metro’s Dumb Ways To Die, and Childish Gambino’s Because The Internet.  I also pose the question of whether or not our personal branding/online presence is a transmedia narrative in itself.  Do you think we are heading towards a future filled with transmedia advertising?

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 3.33.12 am.png



  1. Hello, Elysse! First of all, I want to tell you I am in awe of all the work you have done in the weekly post, especially in terms of the simplicity yet delicacy of your visual design and the depth and pecularity of your thoughts. In this blog, you have amaze me again. First of all, the whole typesetting is simple and effecient, serving good for your theme. However, in the first part where there is a little bit too much word, I think you can put more pictures as illustration so that it will look more intersting, yet your way of presenting is also clear. Your topic, the branding, is also very interesting, for that when it comes to the topic Transmedia I was mindset by the cases of these filmographies while your example is a surprise. I like your case of the Dumb Way To Die the best, for it is vivid and cute, also pinpoint. To sum up, really in awe of your work!

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