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Remix: New music from old content.

Remix – the idea started with music: sampling, mixing, creating new content using the old.  This does not simply exist only in the medium of music, however it is the field I wish to explore, since I have musical background myself, and I am exploring this through my Digital Artefact.  Of course, this is an issue copyright (something I discussed in wk2), and I would like to question the idea of remix and ownership.

At what point does the new remediation, the remix of content, belong to the person who remixed it? Although the samples belonged to other artists, the new artist is changing the piece, making it new, making it different, altering the piece to create something else – something which the old artist has not made, but the new artist has; so who ‘owns’ this new composition?

My remix explored the use of combining multiple songs together to create new material.  My musical compositions tend to lean towards an experimental, ambient style, and as such my final remediation reflects this.  I’d been sitting on the idea of a few songs which could work nicely together for a couple of weeks, but it wasn’t until I listened to some more abstract, musique concète style music that I found something to tie them all together.  While I wasn’t aiming to create a song from that genre, the extract from Time…Dot(3) provided me with an underlying theme to tie the whole piece together.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 5.24.20 pm

Utilising simple cuts, balancing of volumes, and experimentation with time stretching (image 2), this piece was compiled from the following songs:

10 thoughts on “Remix: New music from old content.

  1. Hi Elysse,

    This post is really informative and covers a lot of topics, so I think it’s great that you have hyperlinks connecting to further information. However I think you could probably condense some of the information to make the post a little shorter which would make it more accessible for people who don’t want to do any reading!
    Your SoundCloud piece was a fun example of what a remix can be. I did a similar thing if you’re interested in having a look: https://pamelaseckinsite.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/bcm112-week-8-remix-and-covers-and-remix-and-covers/


  2. Wow! I myself, dabble in remixing… And like yourself, I tend to sit on ideas for weeks on end, spending most of the time experimenting rather than finalising. Your remix is a really useful example of the issues of copyright and the remix which has been something that I’ve thought about for a while now… I didn’t have any clue how copyright plays into the whole remix thing, and while reading you blog, I realised that I have been asking the same questions. But then again, who isn’t asking these questions?
    The idea of the remix is so ingrained in our daily lives that it becomes a topic where the issues associated with it fade into the background. It fades to a place where we can’t fathom what it all means! Well for me anyway.
    In relation to your mention of “when does the remediation become the property of the remixer” I feel as though either; I missed something, or I wanted to hear more…

    As for the remixes? Keep em’ coming! Especially seeing as you’ve incorporated this idea into your digital artifact! Which I dig!

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  3. Really cool song you’ve created there, I also am interested in remixing and fusing bits from songs I sometimes just think to myself certain songs could go together. Although I’m not very good at editing it is something I’d like to try more when I have free time. Your remix made me think though fusing songs from separate genres or even different cultures now that would be cool! And relating back to the topic of who “owns” a product the original user or the one editing the original, now that’s something to think of. It reminds me of some artists that would copy popular icons or objects and remake them in a way, like Andy Warhol with the Marilyn Monroe artwork which was just her face from a certain picture taken and printed in a range of colours.
    Now who does that belong to? The original photographer, Marilyn herself or the new creator.

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  4. I feel like this post could’ve used a little more exploration of the line between original and remix? You’re introducing interesting concepts, but for me at least, I would’ve liked to read more in-depth about what makes a remix a new piece of work, has this been challenged, is a remix any less ‘artistic’? Really enjoyed the song and the content you created 🙂

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  5. Hey Elysse! Love this post. It’s so great to see how passionate you are about this topic, and you have explained the week’s content really well. You brought up a really interesting point about when the remediation belongs to the person who remixed it! I attempted to make a remix, and before I could add it to my blog, Soundcloud removed it! Really cool argument you picked up on. Great job!
    – Chloe

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    1. Ah sound cloud and it’s restrictions on copyrighted content are quite annoying. I made a parody edit of Illy’s Swear Jar; but beeping all the swear words (was working for a music streaming site at the time which had a zero tolerance on swearing in songs). I thought it was hilarious, but I guess soundcloud’s copyright team did not.
      YouTube tends to be less strict about it most of the time; for future reference. You just have to upload it with a black screen.

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  6. Hey!

    I loved how you used your musical composition to aid with this blog post; it was a great addition. You should definitely keep going with the remixes; although they are not completely original it’s still one of my favorite genres! The restrictions on copyright wreak havoc on remix artists though, especially on sound cloud.

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  7. Wow, it’s super intriguing to witness the process that involves remixing — it seems like a tiring but rewarding process! It’s really interesting how many people critique remixed songs, claiming there was less effort put into it than songs that involve playing acoustic instruments such as the piano or guitar, when it actually requires a lot of skill to create remixed works, probably more effort than that of composing acoustic songs. Super interesting read, as usual!

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