DIGC310 · Digital Media

Understand the freelance industry through gamification

Game Cultures


So I just want to talk briefly about games and how they can used for educational purposes, with particular reference to my game – Expose Yourself.

For some reason, games don’t seem to have a place which has been allowed for learning within the older generation(http://www.recode.net/2015/4/24/11561860/where-are-all-the-educational-video-games-for-adults).  The general stereotype is that games are for kids, and so the older market seems to be pushed to the side and forgotten about.  The fact is, that this in untrue.  I have found this pdf (http://www.igea.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Digital-Australia-2016-DA16-Final.pdf) which I’ll link below which showcases the average game consumers, including playing, watching and streaming, and it shows that the average age of game consumers are 33 years old.  Why then is there not a market for education aimed at an audience outside of school?  Is it because games are considered fun, and…

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