Stages of Play – Visualised

Game Cultures

Some of the feedback I’ve received about my game rules, is that it can be difficult to follow at times.  When showing my drafted rule book to my Dad, he suggested a flow chart would be the best way to ensure easy understanding of how to play.

Below is the visual rule set (open image in a new window to view it bigger), followed by the written rule set for comparison.expose yourself stages of play.pngSTAGE ONE: GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER

  • Pay $10 to live.
  • Optional: Play Coffee or Red Bull (see Game Booster descriptions for effect)
  • Advance all active jobs one day.
  • If any jobs completed, collect earned commodities and flip Unit Tokens from red to green.
  • Shuffle completed full time jobs back into deck.  Move completed part time and freelance jobs to discard pile.


  • Draw 3 cards from deck.
  • Place all Full Time Jobs onto…

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