Daily Creative · Music

As Two

Apparently songs are my creative venture of choice lately – whether it be working on lyrics or messing around on the piano which leads to more musical ideas of course.

Anywho, this one came about because I found a really nice four chord sequence.  Apparently when I start humming over the chords, that’s enough to motivate me to write it down. 😛

Lyrics need some refining and stuff, but for a WIP, I’m pretty happy with it so far!


Holding on. I cannot look back, I cannot look back.
Keeping strong.  I’m searching for you, I’m searching for you.
Tonight we look upon the stars, to see the difference in our hearts.
Sitting alone with a hopeful stare.
I know that we were meant to be.
So why is it I cannot find
Our future as clear as the stars in the night?

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 5.17.15 pm.png

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