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LIVE FOR NOW. [#DIGC202 intro]

Heya!  I’m Elysse.  This is my fourth year at uni, where hopefully I’ll get a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the end of the journey.  With a major in Graphic Design and (hopefully) Music, as well as a minor in Digital Media and Communication. TL;DR? Basically, I keep myself busy. If the reading for this week… Continue reading LIVE FOR NOW. [#DIGC202 intro]

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#DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap

Yep. It’s that time of year again! The next semester is about to start, and once again I’ve opted to summarise as much of the important information as possible onto a single A4 page.  This has been designed to print out and chuck on your wall!  If you do happen to use it, then that’s fabulous, just… Continue reading #DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap