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#DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap

Yep. It’s that time of year again! The next semester is about to start, and once again I’ve opted to summarise as much of the important information as possible onto a single A4 page.  This has been designed to print out and chuck on your wall!  If you do happen to use it, then that’s fabulous, just make sure you check the subject outlines before submitting any assignments to make sure that you check all the assessment criteria boxes.  Looking forward to another semester of uni~

DIGC202 Subject Overview-06

4 thoughts on “#DIGC202: Subject Outline Recap

  1. You say: “The traditional ways of doing so have seemed strange to me, and so I would like to explain my own methods, and the reasoning behind them.”You then go on to explain your methods (which, as stated is different than the standard way) but do not mention the REASONING behind why you do it differently. Great job making magic your own… but you really didn’t explain the WHY.


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