DIGC202 · DIGC310

LIVE FOR NOW. [#DIGC202 intro]

Heya!  I’m Elysse.  This is my fourth year at uni, where hopefully I’ll get a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the end of the journey.  With a major in Graphic Design and (hopefully) Music, as well as a minor in Digital Media and Communication.

TL;DR? Basically, I keep myself busy.

If the reading for this week was any indication, DIGC202 is gonna be another jam packed subject full of fun new ideas; because what is valued in this wonderful space is continually trying – even if you fail.  Why get bogged down in the past, and look back to a time which was supposedly greater, or had better innovation, or was easier to break into when you could instead be doing your own thing: ideating, prototyping, creating, making connections, building upon work, and just being passionate about your own personal projects?


On that note; get excited for a continuation of my game – Expose Yourself – from DIGC310 as well as my general musings about the weekly content (because goodness knows I have too much to say).  Also; for a quick guide on what is expected in this subject; I have summarised all the assessments in a neat lil image.  I’m excited, and you should be too!

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