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Working All The Time (The Life of Liquid Labour)

Welcome to the new age, where we are expected to be available 24/7 and the by-product of your labour is not a physical item as such, but rather a something intangible – information.  In the modern life dominated by instant connectivity through the virtual world our society has responded to this instant global access by changing the way we approach the… Continue reading Working All The Time (The Life of Liquid Labour)

Daily Creative · DIGC202 · Digital Media · Music

The Birth of AI

Shoutout to Ben Smit-Colbran for helping out with ideating chords for me to digitise. This composition draws upon cyberpunk elements, imagining a future where we have evolved beyond being just ‘human’, instead extracting our own thoughts and converting it to data, to grow and evolve through the internet.  Utilising the affordances of a distributed network, the collective… Continue reading The Birth of AI

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WIP: Catalyst Logo Design

Basically, I’ve spent the day prototyping.  Drawing inspiration from the competitive set I compiled a while ago, and this lovely website which claims to have a list of the top church logos. The design brief outlined “minimalist, simple, flat design”, and so I’m trying to draw upon that, but I’m also trying to create the… Continue reading WIP: Catalyst Logo Design