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Canon in C

Wrote a short little Canon for music today.  What I had originally intended to be something which sounded super minor turned out… Well not so much.  Admittedly, I kind of chose some random chords and wrote the 16 bar variation before copying it into the other instruments to hear what it sounded like.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 2.15.03 pm

Canon – Full Score


I chose to compose a canon for this weeks composition. I used the harmonic approach as explained by Victoria Williams. With a four bar leader, I composed an original motif using notes from the chords A, G, F, D7, C, F7, and G. In order to create interest within the piece, I chose a 3/4 meter, spacing and didn’t limit the chord combinations to one per bar. As such, the composition followed the basic structure below:

| A / G | F / D7 | C / F7 | G / / :||

As extra instruments were added, the canon took different notes from the chords to further the original melody to be imitated later. Unlike Williams’s approach, I found it easier to cop and paste the 4 bar leader into the instruments as they were introduced to get a better understanding of what notes were already in use as the composition furthered. In order for all instruments to be added, the full melody line resulted in 16 bars. Further rhythmic and melodic variation was added by inserting some quaver runs between jumps separated by a third.

I thought the use of the string quartet created a simple structure for this composition, allowing for a beautiful blend of sounds as the melody evolved and further instruments were added and removed from the mix. Furthermore, I thought learning more about the alto clef was valuable, as I had not yet come across it in my compositions.

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