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Connectivity is Power

This week’s lecture discussed social media being used as a tool to organise revolutions, however the key message wasn’t the #mena #arabspring or #maidan revolutions, bur rather it revolved around censorship, how social media can be used to get around it. The internet, being an anarchic environment, allows for anyone to participate.  There  are no in built filters,… Continue reading Connectivity is Power

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Bring Together Information

Our online presence creates a bridge made of pebbles: that is to say, the information we put online through our tweets, snaps, emails and posts make up individual pieces of data, which when viewed separately can be considered worthless, however, when viewed as a whole, it creates a path of information which one can navigate and… Continue reading Bring Together Information

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Love is an Open Source

Copyright allows a creator to retain the exclusive commercial rights to their intellectual property, resulting in an economic incentive to drive growth in the creative industries.  However, copyright can also strangle creativity, disallowing for advancements which could improve products.  So what options are there for those who wish to solve this problem? Enter open source: a… Continue reading Love is an Open Source

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EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

PREZI (square bracketed titles indicate each prezi slide) [General intro] Expose Yourself is a game that I am working on.  The focus is not on the creation of the game – I did that last semester in Digital Game Cultures (DIGC310).  The presentation aims to give a quick context of what the game actually is, before launching… Continue reading EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation