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iOT and Data

I find the most interesting aspect of the iOT to be the data collection and aggregation.  It is going to lead the future of marketing into a really interesting space as the vast amounts of metadata that organisations are able to collect and process through these devices will result in a wealth of material, which  when aggregated, will reveal an awful lot about their users. From a marketing perspective, this information will be able to identify groups through their preferences – also referred to as ‘social sorting’, isolating them from the masses by finding other people with similar data and creating a perfect audience to target for one reason or another.

Already, we have websites such as Facebook mining data to enable marketers to target their advertising to a specific group of people, resulting in an audience that is more likely to respond to their products, but in the future, our dependence on information and communication technologies will further into internet connected devices.  iOT will give a new set of data which can give much more specific information: when you had your last coffee, to how much detergent you use in your dishwasher.   Information is already a commercialised industry, so what impact will the iOT have on this area?

Marketing of internet connected devices is also interesting.  Look at FitBit for example: applications are available to track our steps, measure how soundly we sleep, map out our running routes, and monitoring our heart rate, and how is this marketed to us?  As a way to compete with your friends for most steps taken, or monitor the effectiveness of our sleeping patterns, all while collecting data for the parent company to later aggregate.  How the data is used will be an interesting area to watch: will it lead to breakthroughs in research, or advertising which is so on point it becomes creepy?

App sound sourced from this website.  Backing track sourced from here.  Shoutout to Mitch for singing a line also.

LYRICS (with some links for further understanding):

iOT: Anything you can know, I can know better. / I can know anything better than you. / Elysse: No you can’t. /iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. /iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. /iOT: Yes, I can, Yes, I can!

iOT: Anything you can be, I can be greater. / Sooner or later I’m greater than you. / Elysse: No, you’re not. /iOT: Yes, I am. /  Elysse: No, you’re not. /iOT: Yes, I am. / Elysse: No, you’re not! /iOT: Yes, I am, Yes, I am!

Elysse: I can see live music, and it’s therapeutic. /iOT: I can stream it online, save you money and time. / Elysse: I know how to write a song. /iOT: In more than one language? / Elysse: No. /iOT: Well I can beat that.

Elysse: I can know more about talking with people. /iOT: I can talk on your behalf and they’ll still think it’s you / Elysse: No, you can’t. /iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. /iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. /iOT: Hello m8, did you know that oranges are pink? / MITCH: omg, shut up Elysse. /iOT: Yes, I CAN!

iOT: Anything you can learn, I can just google. / All of my knowledge crowdsourced through the net. / Elysse: No you can’t. /iOT: Yes I can / Elysse: No you can’t /iOT: Yes I can / Elysse: What is pi? / iOT: 3.1415

Elysse: If I want a coffee, you know I can make it. / iOT: I can turn on the machine, set it to brew. / Elysse: No, you can’t. / iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. / iOT: Yes, I can. / Elysse: No, you can’t. / iOT: I turned on the kettle while you were arguing and it has just boiled.

Elysse: I can get wasted, but you won’t ever taste it. / iOT: I can tell your limit, save you driving tickets. / Elysse: What if I don’t play it safe? / iOT: Well I’ll drive the car. / Elysse: What?! / iOT: You won’t get very far – you’ll die.


Elysse: I can work out harder / iOT: I can track the data, / to see that you’re lying / Elysse: It’s not my fault I’m crying! / iOT: I can know most anything! / Elysse: Can you bake a pie? / iOT: No. / Elysse: Neither can I.

iOT: Anything that you do, I know how to fix it. / With data aggregated I know your needs before you do. / Elysse: No, you don’t. / iOT: Yes, I do. / Elysse: No, you don’t / iOT: Yes, I do / Elysse: Fine, what is it that I need? / iOT: You need to chill out because you are freaking out about me knowing more than you and the possibility of machines taking over in the future.

Elysse: That’s not true
iOT: I know all.

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