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Bring Together Information

Our online presence creates a bridge made of pebbles: that is to say, the information we put online through our tweets, snaps, emails and posts make up individual pieces of data, which when viewed separately can be considered worthless, however, when viewed as a whole, it creates a path of information which one can navigate and understand.  A simple example is: a post of what you ate for lunch on Instagram – while aesthetically appealing – is just an image.  If photographs of lunch are posted everyday however, we build up an idea of the eating times of that user.

This bridge doesn’t have to only make up our online personas.  Through the internet, we are able to participate in a public online conversation and contribute to a larger topic.  This can be seen in hashtags, where content of similar topics are aggregated using a key word to group it.  From a branding perspective, an effective approach to marketing could be aggregating social media content from people who utilise that brand. This moves us into a participatory space, where value comes from adding to the flow of information.  Our additions can then be aggregated and/or curated with the additions of others, creating a network of knowledge which when viewed as a whole becomes valuable.

“In a free content environment, curators and aggregators become valuable”
Teodor Mitew

This is where gatewatchers come in: their value comes from being able to source and package information.  With a low barrier to entry resulting in sources which may not be credible, gatewatches become a filter for quality content by comparing it to the mass amounts of content that address similar topics, and discerning it from there.

Concept piece: an aggregation of words brought together through curation to form a coherent sentence.  Alone, they are worthless, together they have value.

If single words of the song are taken out, then it doesn’t make sense, but as a whole, it tells a story about aggregate data and how aggregation and curation is used to create a collection of valuable information.

Bring together information, value forms when they meet up. Bring together information, we learn nothing if we look close up. Bring together information, similar data tells us more. Bring together information, unreliable things left on the cutting room floor.  

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