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Connectivity is Power

This week’s lecture discussed social media being used as a tool to organise revolutions, however the key message wasn’t the #mena #arabspring or #maidan revolutions, bur rather it revolved around censorship, how social media can be used to get around it.

The internet, being an anarchic environment, allows for anyone to participate.  There  are no in built filters, there is no barrier to sharing information, and as such the power goes to those participating in that space, with dialogue happening in real time.    Connectivity is power, and it results in power to the people, resulting in bottom up social movements.

Being used to get around government censorship, the internet becomes a political space, which allows participants to talk about whatever they want without fear of persecution.  Instead of being restricted to a monologic space, the internet offers a dialogic medium, allowing people to be heard and to respond to others.

“Those who have tasted participation want to be heard.” – Teodor Mitew

Social media is used to gain control and move away from censorship, becoming a catalyst for change to occur offline. This logic of the internet allows these networks to become effective tools for organisation in revolutions, and the freedom for anyone to participate in any means results in a space which allows for the conversation to occur in the first place.

Backing track sourced from here.


I’m living in the 21st century, and people still got censorship
Government controlling, how they interact and
What they say’s restricted, can’t touch certain topics
I guess they need a place to start a revolution

No one man should have all that power
Social media used to organise within the hour
Know that we can participate in all of our
(Social Media Revolutions)

The system broken, but online the conversation’s open.
We ain’t got nothing to lose so let’s gain some traction
Huh? everybody we rollin’
With some organised tweets free from control and
In this digital world we can all send
A message free from fear and persecution
Huh? They can’t apprehend
This is a new space, and now we’re all in

No one man should have all that power
Social media used to organise within the hour
Know that we can participate in all of our
Online revolutions, it’s a catalyst for solutions
(Social Media Revolutions)

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