SUSHI DICE (Team Rules Adaption)

sushi dice team rules.jpg


So I had the pleasure of borrowing the game Sushi Dice over the last week to play with my mates, and while it was a great game, my circle found that it wasn’t quite competitive enough.  This may have been aided by the fact that at first we did not have access to a set of rules (and didn’t think to google it), so instead the (incorrect) rules we initially played by were made up after watching a quick playthrough of the game.  Discovering the actual rules, we shortly figured out which mechanisms we liked from our improvised play, and which mechanisms we liked from the official play, and combined them to make a more competitive environment for future games, as outlined below.  If you happen to play it yourself/expand upon this version further, chuck us a comment and let me know how it goes!

On a side note, Henri Kermarrec/Sit Down! games, you guys missed out on the best name for your game: Sushi ROLL (get it, cause you roll the dice AND you can get sushi rolls)!

Number of players:

Haven’t play tested numbers, but it worked fine with 4-5. If you add more players it just means that each individual will roll less. Could easily work with 10 players though.


Stack all the sushi platters to the side, face down, and then lay three cards face up in the middle of the table. Set the bell where all players can reach it.
Divide the group into two roughly even teams and have your teams sit at opposite sides of the table.
Pick a member from each team to start, and hand them each one of the dice sets.


Someone signals the start of the game and both players begin rolling the dice at the same time to match one of the sushi platter cards face up on the table.  Players may set aside and reroll any number they choose without waiting for their opponent.

Unlike the traditional game, as soon as a player obtains the correct facings to make up a sushi platter, they must ring the bell, take and replace the card, then pass the dice onto the next team member to continue rolling. The opposing team does not stop rolling but continues to play. If the card that was being aimed for is no longer on the table they must instead roll for a card that is now on the table.

This approach to play continues until all the cards are exhausted from the pile after which each team counts up their cards to determine the winner.

Special Dice Rolls

When a star is rolled, this may be used as a wild.
When the opposing team rolls a skull and t he dice roller notices they may yell yuck, causing the opponent to re roll. Only the rolling player may call this, not the team.

(Not play tested, but an idea) when both of the players rolling, roll a skull symbol any team mate may yell chop.  This passes the dice onto the next team mate in both teams immediately and the team that yelled chop first takes one of the face up cards to add to their collection.

Shoutout to the following for playing/playtesting team rules with me: Daniel, Ben, Greg, Jonathan, Emily, Maddie.

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