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Major Third – Elysse Turner with Harmony: Through The Flames



About the work
Visualising music in various forms is not a new concept, whether it’s a work of art derived from the musical work, or a digital analyser formulating algorithms to create digital imagery synced to the pace of the song.  ‘Harmony: Through The Flames’ draws inspiration from how to represent music graphically, creating a system for live visualisation in a physical environment.  This installation showcases harmony with a composition written to emphasise resonant frequencies within metal tubes, resulting in stunning visualisations in fire.

The relationship between the music and visualisation is an integral part of this art piece, as it aims to show authentically, an image created purely by the sound entering each pipe.  As such, the melody of ‘Burning Out’, the song played through the installation, was written using notes which corresponded to the resonant frequencies in the four tubes.  The harmonies built upon this, using resonant frequencies available in the unused tubes, resulting in a build up of visual and musical emphasis as more harmonies and flames are added to the mix.  The final product is a grand display of music, bringing out the inner pyromaniac of all who look upon.

Elysse Turner is a multi-disciplinary artist who keeps coming back to music.  Learning piano from the age of five, Elysse’s passion for music grew as she sang amongst the church congregation, leading her to explore singing further in high school.  Joining an acapella group, she discovered the magic of harmonies, and later found herself exploring this further in musicals including RentAnnie, and Back to the 80’s: The Totally Awesome Musical, being offered various opportunities from directing entire productions, acting in roles, singing in the chorus and adapting musical arrangements to better suit cast members.

With a background in music, graphic design, film, and digital media, her works aim to combine these fields offering new and interesting ways to consume and interpret the media.



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