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[Presentation] Analogue/Digital Hybridity in Tabletop Game Design

Abstract & Thesis Statement can be found HERE. Presentation Slides can be found HERE. Transcript: Note: [Bold and bracketed] words/headings seen in the transcript are used to indicate a new slide in the visual aids. [Introduction] The tabletop games industry is experiencing a renaissance, with global sales now estimated to be worth more than nine billion dollars… Continue reading [Presentation] Analogue/Digital Hybridity in Tabletop Game Design

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Thesis Statement; Abstract; Select Bibliography [Presentation Documents]

Thesis Title: Analogue/Digital Hybridity in Tabletop Game Design Turner, E 2018, ‘Analogue/Digital Hybridity in Tabletop Game Design’, Honours thesis, University of Wollongong.   Thesis Statement This thesis is an exploration of what game design elements are common to the field of analogue/digital hybrid games.  This thesis aims to identify game design elements and determine whether they… Continue reading Thesis Statement; Abstract; Select Bibliography [Presentation Documents]

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Honours Update: 10-15 April

Thesis work: Define Finalised Introduction/Lit Review draft. Gave it a few edit passes. Took the time to understand how the thesis structure played into the Double Diamond model. (link) Define Continued looking at literature Noteable: Nicholson & Begy’s ‘A Framework for Exploring Tablet-based Tabletop Games Notable: Deana et al. ‘Mobile phone games: understanding the user experience… Continue reading Honours Update: 10-15 April


Potential thesis structure

Possible thesis structure Introduction & Lit Review How are mobile applications being used to interact with tabletop games? Low Integration: additive High Integration: Hybrid Gaming Hybrid Game case studies Mansions of Madness One Night Ultimate Alien Dropmix XCom World of Yo Ho?  (Perhaps this is too many.) Design Experiments Conclusion Focus on the first three… Continue reading Potential thesis structure

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Honours Update: 2-9 April

Thesis work: Define Reading through Jesse Shell’s The Art of Game Design Continued working through range of other readings Define Finalised Lit Review Structure Began drafting Lit Review   Creative work: Discover Game ideas: Mermaid game where phases of moon change gameplay. (Blog post coming) Dinosaur game where he is trying to get apples for his… Continue reading Honours Update: 2-9 April