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Social media is a platform which allows us to tell a narrative about a subject we have the ultimate authority on: ourselves.  We construct persona online, to showcase to anyone with an internet connection.  Our digital identity is not based solely on our avatars, usernames, and bios; it is formed around what we curate; “In essence, our… Continue reading CHOOSE YOUR OWN PERSONA NARRATIVE

BCM112 · DIGC335 · Digital Media

User Generated Content

When brands utilise fan made, or user generated content, it becomes the advertising equivalent of citizen journalism.  It promotes the idea of participatory culture, while also adding to the narrative of the brand identity, and creating a community of collective understanding, collective intelligence, and collective passion (or brand tribes) around the brand organisation. If a brand… Continue reading User Generated Content

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Remix: New music from old content.

Remix – the idea started with music: sampling, mixing, creating new content using the old.  This does not simply exist only in the medium of music, however it is the field I wish to explore, since I have musical background myself, and I am exploring this through my Digital Artefact.  Of course, this is an… Continue reading Remix: New music from old content.

BCM112 · Digital Media

#BCM112 Annotated Bibliography

  My Online Collaborative Exploration into OPM WHAT IS IT?: Digital Artefact for DIGC330.  Exploration into online collaboration, utilising self-reflexivity to analyse my experience, the process, and comparing it to that of my co-collaborator. HOW’S IT RELEVANT?: Utilising the internet as a means for connecting people to create.  Discusses recording parts in separation, and techniques to blend the… Continue reading #BCM112 Annotated Bibliography