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Love is an Open Source

Copyright allows a creator to retain the exclusive commercial rights to their intellectual property, resulting in an economic incentive to drive growth in the creative industries.  However, copyright can also strangle creativity, disallowing for advancements which could improve products.  So what options are there for those who wish to solve this problem? Enter open source: a… Continue reading Love is an Open Source

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EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

PREZI (square bracketed titles indicate each prezi slide) [General intro] Expose Yourself is a game that I am working on.  The focus is not on the creation of the game – I did that last semester in Digital Game Cultures (DIGC310).  The presentation aims to give a quick context of what the game actually is, before launching… Continue reading EXPOSE YOURSELF: #DIGC202 Presentation

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When I was in highschool, I got into the habit of trawling through YouTube to find various A Cappella artists and and performances from groups of this nature.  This was partly because I myself was involved in an A Cappella group and was looking to find new repertoire, but also because I really enjoy listening to… Continue reading GIVE ME YOUR ATTENTION!

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[MUSIC] Motivic Development

For the composition exploring motivic development (Composition B), I utilised the two clefs on a Celesta to create contrast between the developed motif at various points. The piece utilises retrograde, diminution, and inversion. Octave displacement can also be seen when the bass and treble clef play the same original motif, as their played register sits… Continue reading [MUSIC] Motivic Development