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Honours Update: 19-25 March

Thesis Work: Discover Future Learn Lit Review Course Continued looking at/for readings Meeting With Grant and Chris Discussed Lit Review Discussed Thesis Methodology Creative Work: Discover Meeting with Grant and Chris Challenged to design a game a week. Deliverable could be a recommendation of how to approach hybrid game design through the Double Diamond design… Continue reading Honours Update: 19-25 March

Creative WIP · Honours

Pirate Treasure – Questions to consider

3D board – able to see levels of digging easily?  Have a sense of actually digging as levels decrease – means that you don’t have to have ‘X’ tiles to represent how deep you have dug so far, easier way to assess how deep the holes are, etc. Can you bury spaces adjacent to you?… Continue reading Pirate Treasure – Questions to consider

CAMS390 · film · Music

Major Third – Elysse Turner with Harmony: Through The Flames

  About the work Visualising music in various forms is not a new concept, whether it’s a work of art derived from the musical work, or a digital analyser formulating algorithms to create digital imagery synced to the pace of the song.  ‘Harmony: Through The Flames’ draws inspiration from how to represent music graphically, creating a… Continue reading Major Third – Elysse Turner with Harmony: Through The Flames


Ruben’s Tube Post Compilation

Project Proposal Research Cymatics: Science vs. Music – Nigel Stanford Case Study: Mathew Kneebone and Yuri Suzuki How does it work? Time to calculate! Music Writing First Tube Frequencies: 2.4m Lyrics are down! Composing to a resonant frequency set Vocal Line Resonant Frequency Breakdown Melody & Harmonies: Vocal Line Resonant Frequency Breakdown Notes: Vocal Line… Continue reading Ruben’s Tube Post Compilation