BCM112 · Digital Media

#BCM112 Annotated Bibliography

  My Online Collaborative Exploration into OPM WHAT IS IT?: Digital Artefact for DIGC330.  Exploration into online collaboration, utilising self-reflexivity to analyse my experience, the process, and comparing it to that of my co-collaborator. HOW’S IT RELEVANT?: Utilising the internet as a means for connecting people to create.  Discusses recording parts in separation, and techniques to blend the… Continue reading #BCM112 Annotated Bibliography


#BCM112: Digital Artefact Idea

I want to do something which incorporates my passion for music with the evolving digital technologies.  Just some context to myself as a musician before I launch into my ideas; I’m a singer and pianist. A Cappella arrangements on a weekly basis was my first idea towards the digital artefact, utilising the multiple screens per part approach, however… Continue reading #BCM112: Digital Artefact Idea